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Steeped in Tradition (Traditional English Breakfast Tea - Black Single Leaf)

Steeped in Tradition (Traditional English Breakfast Tea - Black Single Leaf)

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English Tea as it was meant to be. A carefully selected blend of African and Indian black teas are mixed at just the right ratio to provide you with a cup that will provide you with the bar for which other so-called English teas will be measured. Strong enough to stand up to your favorite cream, milk, or sugar, it's also delightful on its own or with a lemon slice.

Whether you would never dream of starting a day without your favorite spot of English tea or have not yet ventured down that road, our English Breakfast blend will serve you well as a delightful friend or your trusty breakfast butler for years to come!

All our teas are loose leaf, packed to order in 3oz compostable bags, and shipped to you the same day - at no cost to you! Our handy subscription offer will guarantee you never run out of your favorite tea while also providing you with a noticeable discount!

Apply the code "Wodehouse" at checkout for a sizeable discount!

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