About Us

The Wodehouse side of Wodehouse & Strong Coffee Co.

The man in the photograph above is Guy Armine Wodehouse (b. 1863, d. 1926), my great grandfather. He is shown fishing along the Cautin River, in the southern part of Chile, South America. His surname - and a long list of descendants and ancestors with the Wodehouse name that dates back to at least the early 1400s are what inspired the one half of the Wodehouse & Strong Coffee Co. business name. 

In researching the Wodehouse name, I have found that those who came before me traveled far and wide throughout the known world - some settling in Hawaii, others in India, and others in the mining operations of Peru and Chile, and even others going as far south as Tierra del Fuego, the southernmost part of the South American continent. Inspired by this sense of wanderlust, and fearless sense of exploration (my projections), I looked to create Wodehouse & Strong Coffee Company. (Being honest, I have no idea if they did in fact like coffee, but I am going to assume that they did.)

Any Relation To The Author P.G. Wodehouse?

Yes, we are related, though how that works is murky at best. From what we can find, P.G. Wodehouse (the author best known for his Jeeves and Wooster books, as well as for the collaboration with Cole Porter on the musical "Anything Goes") would be a second cousin from Guy Armine Wodehouse. So unfortunately, as much as I am personally inspired by his writing, I cannot claim to be a direct relation to the author. 

As a side note - Wodehouse & Strong Coffee Co. is not affiliated with or in any way is looking to profit from the author P.G. Wodehouse or his estate.

The Strong Side of Wodehouse & Strong Coffee Co.

My surname, (my mother's side has the Wodehouse surname), my great-grandfather William Strong was a missionary to Chile at the turn of the century, and traveled throughout the land, as well as neighboring Peru, Argentina, and as far north as Colombia, Ecuador and other points in South America. A highly energetic, passionate man, I will also assume he drank his share of coffee as well.

It is my hope and goal that Wodehouse & Strong Coffee Co. honors the legacy of both of these families.