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Wodehouse and Strong Coffee

The Hidden Hoard of Honduras (Copan - Medium Roast, Organic)

The Hidden Hoard of Honduras (Copan - Medium Roast, Organic)

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Bienvenidos a Honduras! Te encantará nuestro café.

The small Central American nation of Honduras bulges out into the warm Caribbean ocean on its Eastern shores, while the colder Pacific tugs at a tiny inlet on its Western side.

Almost dead center along its Western border with Guatemala sits the Copan region. Its residents are some of the most hospitable, gentle people we have met - and yet the interior terrain can be anything but, featuring impervious jungles, wide rivers, and humid, damp climates. While these conditions make it harder for man to spread its civilized hand across the land, the resulting conditions make it ideal for growing distinct, delicious coffee that offers low to medium acidity paired with smooth notes of caramels, chocolate, and slightly herbal tones.

One of our best-selling products, Honduras coffee is sought the world over! 

All our coffees are roasted to order and shipped the same day - at no cost to you! This guarantees you will receive the freshest coffee at its peak flavor profiles.

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