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Wodehouse and Strong Coffee

Ethiopia Enterprise (Ethiopia, Medium/Light Roast)

Ethiopia Enterprise (Ethiopia, Medium/Light Roast)

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inikwani wede ītiyop’iya bedehina met’u! ye’inyani āsidenak’ī buna memokeri ālebiwoti!

"Welcome to Ethiopia! You must try our amazing coffee!" That is what the above phrase translates into, and it is a phrase you might hear as you travel through the beautiful country that is Ethiopia.

Throughout this unique country you'll find wonders of the ancient world in surprising contrast with today's contemporary worldliness. Whatever your adventure, you will find it here - visiting ancient, rock-carved churches, centuries-old castles, spectacular vistas at every turn, Sheba's Bath, the awesome Blue Nile's Tisisat Falls, craggy mountains and meandering rivers are but a few memorable destinations. And of course, Ethiopia's famous coffee as well.

We partner with the Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union to provide you with the best beans they have to offer while we, in exchange, help their members keep and elevate their living standards.

All our coffees are roasted to order and shipped the same day - at no cost to you! This guarantees you will receive the freshest coffee at its peak flavor profiles.

Our affordable and convenient subscription model ensures you will never run out of our delicious coffee.

Apply the code "Wodehouse" at checkout for a sizeable discount!

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