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Wodehouse and Strong Coffee

Medellín Mystique (Colombia - medium roast)

Medellín Mystique (Colombia - medium roast)

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Bienvenidos, y disfruta the nuestro gran café!

So someone will greet you when you enter one of the many coffee-serving establishments in the great country of Colombia. If you do not speak Spanish, what they are saying is "Welcome, and enjoy our great coffee!"

As any knowledgeable coffee drinker knows, Colombian coffee is well-known for its robust flavor and invigorating effect on the senses. We work with smallholder Farmers in Medellín to provide you with the most select beans.

Have one sip of our Colombian coffee and you'll see the difference between other "mass-market" brands - our coffee is richer, smoother, with characteristics of dried orange, berry, and chocolate.

All our coffees are roasted to order and shipped the same day - at no cost to you! This guarantees you will receive the freshest coffee at its peak flavor profiles.

Our affordable and convenient subscription model ensures you will never run out of our delicious coffee.

Apply the code "Wodehouse" at checkout for a sizeable discount!

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