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The Secret of Sul de Minas (Brasil - Medium Roast)

The Secret of Sul de Minas (Brasil - Medium Roast)

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"Bem-vindo! Aproveite nosso café!"

If you ever find yourself in Brasil (and you should, at some point in your life's adventures, find yourself in Brasil), and hear the above phrase, it means "Welcome, enjoy our coffee!" in their national Portuguese language.

When in Brasil, take a trip in a northwestern direction from the sun-drenched shores of Rio de Janeiro, and you will find yourself in the pastoral, mountainous region of Sul de Mines, one of the biggest coffee-growing regions in Brasil. We work closely with smaller growers in the region to ensure you are treated to only the best select coffee beansThe tropical soils and climate provide ideal coffee growing conditions, resulting in a light-tasting bean with mild acidity that you will enjoy cup after cup!

All our coffees are roasted to order and shipped the same day - at no cost to you! This guarantees you will receive the freshest coffee at its peak flavor profiles.

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