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Wodehouse and Strong Coffee

THE 6-Bean Bounty (6-Bean Espresso Blend)

THE 6-Bean Bounty (6-Bean Espresso Blend)

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Our 6 Bean Espresso is a meticulously crafted blend that combines premium coffee beans from Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia. This unique fusion captures the essence of East African coffee diversity, offering a rich and complex flavor profile. Expect a harmonious blend of bright acidity, floral notes, and a hint of fruity sweetness, creating a well-balanced and memorable espresso experience. Each bean contributes its distinct characteristics, resulting in a cup that is both bold and nuanced, making it a delightful choice for coffee connoisseurs seeking a truly exceptional and aromatic espresso.

As always, our coffee beans are roasted and ground to order, and packaged and shipped - for free - the same day, guaranteeing you the freshest aroma and peak flavors.

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