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Wodehouse and Strong Coffee

The Count of Costa Rica (Medium roast)

The Count of Costa Rica (Medium roast)

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Bienvenidos a Costa Rica! Por favor disfrute de nuestro delicioso café!

If you are lucky enough to be on a visit in Costa Rica and you hear that phrase, what they are saying is "Welcome to Costa Rica! Please enjoy our delicious coffee!" in Spanish. Your response should be "Muchas gracias! Me gusta mucho su café! ("Thank you! I very much do enjoy your coffee!"

The coffee we offer comes from the Brunca Region, a swath of landscape that hugs the Pacific ocean on the west and is bordered by mountains and tropical forests on the east. The resulting mix of sea winds, high humidity, and altitude provide a robust bean with slightly sweet notes of apple, raisin, and honey.

We work closely with CoopeAgri, a cooperative selling organization with over 8,000 small-scale farmers (many of whom grow and sell coffee) with small plots of land. Formed in 1962, the organization is still going strong, and has expanded beyond coffee into sugar and other products while keeping a strong focus on reforestation, water conservation and environmental education.

Buying our Costa Rica Coffee benefits these small farmers and their families, while providing you with a very delicious, well-rounded cup of coffee!

All our coffees are roasted to order and shipped the same day - at no cost to you! This guarantees you will receive the freshest coffee at its peak flavor profile. 

Apply the code "Wodehouse" at checkout for a sizeable discount!

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