Shipping Policy

  1. Each order is treated as a custom product that is created after the order is received.

  2. Coffee is batched and roasted to order everyday, once order is received and card has been charged

  3. If payment doesn’t clear, your order will not be processed and an alert will be sent to you.

  4. Each order is unique and shipping package and method is based on what is best for the package. In general: 1 - 12oz package ships via USPS 1st class 2-8 packages ship via USPS Priority Mail (flat rate or regional) 9+ ship via UPS ground

  5. The order to ship time is generally 3-5 business days. Ship to delivery is generally 1-5 business days.

  6. The result is coffee arriving at your door at the peak of its flavor.

  7. We do not offer international shipping at this time.

  8. We have found it best to carefully create a delivery expectation for you based on the fact that every order is a bag of coffee created specifically for you when you order it. This means the freshest coffee possible and that process takes time. It is worth the wait.

  9. Questions? Send us a note