Pricing Policy

Our Pricing

  1. Quality over price
    We at Wodehouse & Strong Coffee Company strive to offer you the freshest coffee, roasted to order, delivered to you as fast as we can while maintaining high quality standards. This ensures you receive our coffees at the peak of their flavor profiles, giving you the best cup of coffee you will ever taste.

  2. We travel the world to find you the best beans, at the most competitive prices we can offer. 

  3. If you did compare our prices to those coffees you find at your local market, you might find that those brands are priced less than your Wodehouse & Strong Coffees. But you will also find that the majority of those brands have a shelf life of six months to a year from delivery date (not to be confused with the actual roasting date, which could have been weeks earlier). The end result is a cheaper coffee that cannot deliver the freshness or flavors that we do.
  4. Our roaster has built a reputation for offering the best coffee, roasted to order, and shipped to you in a maximum of 5-8 days, ensuring you the freshest coffee you can find online at the best prices, and we stand by this statement.